Since starting my career in 2003 I have spent the bulk of my energy doing LAMP web development. I am well versed in many c-style languages and capable of learning almost any programming language or construct. Lately most the projects I've been working on have been WordPress projects.

If you have any projects working with Laravel / AngularJS please give me a shout as I am actively seeking projects using these toolsets.

In my spare time I like woodwork, block printing, generative design and playing music.

Languages / Frameworks

Technical Skills

  • Single Page App Development (SPA)
  • API Development
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Relational Database Design
  • Generative Design
  • BASH Shell Scripting
  • Wireframing


I generally tend to work in a Mac environment, however, I'm capable of working in many development environments and have experience doing so.

This is currently my preferred tool set,


Well, education can be a wayward path ... I started off in Physics at Waterloo University — after that I migrated over to McGill to study Neuroscience and Linguistics. Same questions different perspectives.

Finally after all of those adventures I completed a double major degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Computer Science & Mathematics, B.Sc.
Lake Superior State University



A quick list of the agencies I've worked for as a freelancer for in the last 15 years.


To get you what you need.

Help you plan for the future.

Everything should be beautiful.

Sites I've worked on

I have worked for companies, agencies and individuals as a freelancer for almost 12 years now. Here are some of the sites I've worked on...

2010 Legacies Now Scrapbook

Symfony, Flash, XML, PHP, MySQL

My Contributions
  • Flash Client to consume XML generated by Symfony API
  • PHP Generator to create Flash ORM Objects used to hydrate Flash Model Objects with XML data
  • CMS to manage Flash site and Accessible site content
  • Keyword / Boolean Operator Fulltext Search Parser to enhance basic MyISAM search


Magento, Flash, XML, PHP, MySQL

My Contributions
  • Custom Moneris Payment Gateway Module
  • Custom Moneris Payment Gateway Multiple Countries Module - Supports 2 Merchant IDs
  • Product Importer - Much faster than Magento core, can be run from command line, however, now I would use Magmi.

Bootlegger / Rickis

ElasticPath, Symfony, Flash, XML, PHP, MySQL

My Contributions
  • Content Management System written with Symfony
  • Ajax Modules to deliver supporting content to ElasticPath Commerce

BC Innovation Council

Joomla!, Flash, XML, PHP, MySQL

Custom Joomla! Components and Modules Contributed
  • Innovator Network Resource Directory
  • Form Builder to implement robust and skinnable forms with validation and consistent logic
  • Xml Navigation Module to deliver Xml to Flash
  • Javascript Article Scroller
  • Image Gallery implementing Lightbox
  • Virtuemart Reskin